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Our annual motivational conference is back for it's fourth year, and bigger than ever before! Join us for an empowering experience of inspiration, growth, and community connections! Proceeds benefit two local nonprofits, that serve marginalized communities.

Forget the ​Numbers.

The word is getting out, "culture eats strategy for ​breakfast." However, what if your strategy was to create ​a culture of happy, high-performing leaders?

The Phil-Rich Groups helps social impact organizations ​increase productivity and profitability, by providing ​customized training and development programs that ​are fun, strategic, and convert to action, giving ​participants something to look forward to. In our years ​as a boutique consulting agency, providing coaching, ​education, and special events, we've learned that ​culture is the difference between organizations that ​barely survive and those that continually thrive.

Our holistic approach has transformed leaders and their ​companies; dramatically improving their metrics, sales, ​and most importantly, culture. Take the leap, dive deep ​into holistic leadership development, and get the ​results you desire and deserve!

Meet Mi​mi

Hey Lovebug! My name is Jamia Wells-Palmer, more commonly known as Mimi the Motivator, host of the Get High On Motivation podcast. I've worked in the fields of consulting, business, and education for over a decade, with large, established social impact organizations. Personal and professional development is my jam, whether I am a student or the teacher.

For years, I trained for one of the top leadership development organizations in the world. I learned a lot from them but felt I could better serve the business community by designing a holistic leadership development program.

This concept bridged the gaps I saw in the industry and brought a distinctive and innovative approach to the art and science of strategic planning, leadership development, and lifestyle management.

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Let us point your business in the​ right direction, using a mix of​ strategic planning and a​ customized development program.​

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Ke​ynote Speaking

Add some fun to your next seminar ​or conference and invite Mimi ​to speak. She'll give your audi​ence something they'll never for​get.

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Pr​ivate Coaching

Ready to unlock your next level of ​success? Hire a coach that is ​committed to your transformation ​and​ guarantees results.

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what they say

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I can safely say that as a Coach, Mimi the Motivator is an ​agent of transformation and personal growth without ​precedent. She can reach the unreachable, teach the ​unteachable, and coach the uncoachable.

Gi​bbs Innovative

We keep bringing Mimi back because she is an incredibl​e leader and teacher. Her presentations are informativ​e and professional. She keeps the classes high energy​, motivating, and practical. Mimi is always flexible and ​I love working with her!​

Th​rive Network

She finds things that are covered up or you hadn't th​ought about and gives it life. It's like she helps you dig de​ep inside, it's a different kind of energy. It's like bu​siness therapy.


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